The White House’s Council of Economic Advisers recently came out with a new report that highlights the many benefits of school choice programs across the country, including state tax-credit scholarship programs like those that Children’s Tuition Fund works with to help families in need.

Over the last thirty years, there has been a boom in the expansion of school choice programs in the United States.  Programs like tax-credit programs, voucher programs, and educational savings accounts have popped up in more states than ever before.  These programs, which operate at the state, federal, or local level, all work to improve the opportunities that families have in regards to education.

When families are stuck with few options under a public-school system, families can only achieve school choice by physically moving to an area with schools that are a better fit.  This limits those who can actively participate in school choice only to families that can afford to do so.  School choice programs expand the educational horizons for families who might otherwise be unable to afford moving to a district with schools that are a better fit for their children.

The report from the Council of Economic Advisors, called “Expanding Educational Opportunity

through Choice and Competition,” includes an overview of school choice programs with examples from across the nation.  The report also dives into the role that the federal government has in such programs, including actions that the Trump Administration is taking to expand school choice.

To read the report and learn more about the state of school choice in America, click here.

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