Children's Tuition Fund Alabama - Information for Contributors

1. Create a My Alabama Taxes (MAT) Account by Clicking Here

2. Log into your MAT account and reserve your tax credits

3. Send your contribution to Children’s Tuition Fund within 30 days of claiming your tax credits

Mail check payment to:

ACSI – Children’s Tuition Fund of AL
Attn: Tonia Harding
PO Box 62249
Colorado Springs, CO 80962

4. Give online by Clicking Here

5. Once your payment has been received, we will verify your donation with the AL Department of Revenue (ADOR) and email you a receipt letter. The ADOR will send you a receipt for your tax credit.

For step-by-step instructions for creating an MAT Account and Reserving Tax Credits Click Here

About Children's Tuition Fund

Information for Parents and Schools: