In a perfect world, parents can afford to send their children to schools and students can go to any schools they want. And if they need financial aid, there are scholarships for children they can easily apply for, but we all know that it’s not always the way it works. With the increasing prices of mortgage, energy bills, and even basic goods, many families cannot afford to send their children for higher education. According to a report by the Institute for Higher Education Policy, students coming from low and moderate-income families could only afford 1 to 5 percent of American colleges.

Nevertheless, there are many ways you can support students to achieve success and have access to better education. When you offer students the opportunity to explore a brighter future for themselves, you will be helping them more than you can imagine.

Here are some ways you can get started in supporting students in your community.

Contrbute to a local or national children’s fund.

There are many ways you can contribute to a children’s fund. You can either donate, directly support a child, or participate in an opportunity scholarship tax credit program. These programs provide scholarships for children which is a tried-and-true way to support students who can’t afford to go to school. If you are a business owner, an opportunity scholarship tax credit program allows you to support students and help your business as well.

Become a mentor.

Many students coming from underprivileged homes often get easily discouraged and drop out especially when they think they can’t go to college anyway. A mentor can help them gain more confidence and change their perspective in life. You can be that mentor and help a student stay on the right path. Join a mentoring program through your local high school or in your community to become one.

Offer your expertise.

Sometimes, the best way to support students is to show them a glimpse of what should be their next steps. You can be a guest speaker in a class or offer to be a coach so you can show your education and career experience. This will allow students to think of what career they want to pursue in the future. As an adult, you can show your expertise to create a work-based learning opportunity for them.

Get involved as a volunteer or a tutor.

Some orphanages and shelters have children that need tutoring as well. Volunteering as a tutor is a great way to help students in these shelters and orphanages to learn more. If they are having problems at school, you can be that person who can provide them a solution.

Consider running for the school board.

If you are up for a challenge, running for the school board is one way to improve schools in your community. It can be tremendously demanding, but it will also be a rewarding experience on your part. As a school board member, you can advocate for the local students and ultimately make a change in your community.

By doing any of these things, you can be an advocate for students and support them in finding their path.

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