I can’t find the link to the application.

Our application opened to parents at 9 a.m. (CST) on Monday (the 22nd). It will be on our site at ChildrensTuitionFund.org under the CTF IL button which is at the bottom of the page. Once on the Illinois page, parents should look for the “Information for Parents” box and click on the “Apply here” link.  

Is this application for scholarships for this school year?

No, these scholarships are for the 2018-2019 school year.

How soon will we know if we have a scholarship?

We will tell all applicants that they have a scholarship as soon as we know. The next step after applying successfully will be a financial application which we will initiate.

I saw the Thank You page after submitting my application. How do I know you received it?

The Thank You page indicates you have submitted the application successfully and that we received it.

I am having trouble completing the application. What should I do?

Are you getting an error message?

If so, what does it say? If you can, please send it to John_Wilson@ACSI.org

Also, have you tried turning your computer all the way off and starting again? I’m not saying the error is on your end, but perhaps your computers and our servers have messed up communication and re-starting will help.

When I click on Next on the first page all my filled-in forms go blank and I have to start again.

See answer above—try re-starting the computer.

Can I apply to more than one Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO)?

Yes, you can apply to all the SGOs working in the region where your private school of choice is located. However, only those SGOs that have money allocated to your school can grant applicants scholarships.

Does it do any good to apply for a Children’s Tuition Fund Scholarship if my school hasn’t received any contributions?

Since contributions can come in after applications, we encourage you to apply and then urge your school leaders to contact us to spur contributions to your school. It may be that contributions have been pledged, but not yet paid.

I click submit and nothing happens. Did you get my application?

If you didn’t see a Thank You page we didn’t receive your application. Im sorry for your trouble I realize how frustrating this may be and I’m not sure what would have caused this. It may be the heavy volume we’re experiencing. Give me your name and school you are choosing and we will time your application for right now.

If you will, please shut down your computer, turn it back on, and retry the application. We’ll look for your name in our list and move it up in the queue to right now.

What happens next? OR What do I do next? OR Why didn’t the application ask me for financial information?

We will go through a financial application process based on those priority applicants. We will contact you when your application is the next in line.

A friend of mine is applying, can I be next to her in line?

We have to take people in the order that they applied based on the server’s time and date stamp of completed, submitted applications.

A friend of mine wants me to have her place in line. Can you do that?

SEE above answer.

What if I don’t get a scholarship?

You are welcome to try other SGOs. It is possible that the school in which you’re interested has received contributions through another SGO.

Which region is the school in which you’re interested?