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Children's Tuition Fund contributions give children access to the best education and get you a big credit off your tax bill.

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Is your student eligible?

Scholarship amounts vary according to family income.  Refer to this chart which shows income levels by family size and the corresponding scholarship amounts available. These guidelines will serve as a pre-qualification when applications open.
Please note—Applying for this scholarship is a separate process from applying to a private school.

How to Apply

We will ask for household size and adjusted gross income (or household income if you do not file taxes). Feel free to refer to your 2018 information if you do not have 2019 ready yet.

Applications are now open! Please click on the below link:

CTF IL Scholarship Application 2020-2021

What's next?

After you apply, CTF will review your application to see if you are eligible to receive a scholarship. 

Click here to see a timeline of the scholarship application process.

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Recently it came to our attention that a state report had added nondiscrimination language that could significantly impact a school’s policies and operation. We recognized that signing any reports with the adverse language in it would be tantamount to completely altering schools from who they are and all that they represent. Therefore, we quickly mobilized […]



After 15 years of working in the field of Christian education, and being a parent of Christian school students myself, I’m convinced that few things provide more hope to our country or our world than teaching Jesus to our kids. A true Christian school is set up to think, create, feel, design curriculum, present lessons, disciple kids, […]


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