Children's Tuition Fund Nebraska - Information for Contributors

You can use your Nebraska state income-tax liability to provide scholarships for Nebraska students to attend a Christian school.

How can I help?

Connect with Children’s Tuition Fund (CTF) and receive up to 100% tax credit on 50% of your tax liability.

Contributor Process:

  • Determine your tax liability and notify CTF of the amount of tax-credits you want to reserve.
  • CTF will confirm credit availability with the NE DOR and notify you to make your contribution. Contributions must be made between thirty-one and sixty days after notifying CTF of your desire to reserve tax-credits.
  • CTF will issue you a receipt letter that must be submitted with your tax return.
  • Receive 100% tax-credit on up to half of your tax liability.

To reserve your tax-credits, please complete the Tax-Credit Reservation Form

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