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Established under the ACSI Children’s Education Fund, there are currently 6 Children’s Tuition Fund Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs) across the country. Each Children’s Tuition Fund seeks to work in concert with schools, contributors, and parents to bless students by improving their educational opportunities through relationship-oriented financial assistance.

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I’m going to start with my presupposition: If a school participates in parental choice, it has a duty to actively engage in politics. I do not mean dipping a toe in the proverbial pond of politics, but actively engaging in local and state politics and calling its school community to involvement as well. Paying Attention […]



We believe access to quality education is the most pressing civil rights cause of our time. Our society fails when a child is denied a quality education. Statistics show that, unfortunately, many do not overcome that societal failure and the ramifications often linger for generations. Deserving, motivated, capable students are hopelessly stuck in an educational […]


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