This has been an exciting year!  We have seen an increase in school-choice legislation throughout the US.  There are many states with new school-choice legislation making its way through the branches of the government.  We are excited about the prospects of growing into more states and helping our schools change the lives of more students.


Earlier this year the Kentucky Education Opportunity Program was passed by the state legislature.  This new program will allow students in Kentucky to use tax-credit funds for tuition and other education expenses.  We are excited to begin working in the state and have already begun talking to schools and contributors who are interested in the program.  For more information visit


The scholarship program in Illinois will continue forward. The efforts of many around the state (including ACSI schools) helped to preserve the program moving forward. It will continue to be important for our schools to share the impact of the program with their elected officials.


We anticipate increases in several of our Special Purpose Entities (SPE’s) this fall.  If you know of any individuals or businesses who would like to participate and receive tax credits, please have them complete and submit the SPE Commitment Form.  Not familiar with Special Purpose Entities or the requirements?  Take a look at our Steps For Individuals document to see how you can participate.

New business applications are due July 1st.  If you know of a business that would like to participate in the tax credit program and needs assistance with their application, please have them complete and submit the Business Commitment Form. We will contact them and provide assistance.


There are a lot of tax-credits available in Alabama. If you have contributors who would like to participate and provide scholarships, please have them visit the CTF AL webpage.   If you are a school that has qualifying students give us a call so we can work with you to get scholarship money raised for them.


The tax-credit program in Virginia continues to provide scholarships to hundreds of students, allowing families to choose the best educational environment for their children.  While there are always those in Virginia who oppose the tax-credit program, we are continually working with several organizations throughout the state to push back any effort to repeal or diminish the tax-credit program.


The website is a resource for schools, parents, and contributors. Please feel free to use our website as a broad resource in your tax-credit strategy… and as always, reach out to us with any questions you have or with ways we can help you.

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