We believe access to quality education is the most pressing civil rights cause of our time. Our society fails when a child is denied a quality education. Statistics show that, unfortunately, many do not overcome that societal failure and the ramifications often linger for generations. Deserving, motivated, capable students are hopelessly stuck in an educational quagmire that is no fault of their own. Our goal-our motivating force-is to provide excellent educational opportunities for these students and their families. An effective, foundational education is indeed a pivotal civil right in America and should not be denied any student.

One of the great promises of the American Dream is a chance to achieve whatever you aspire for yourself which begins with a “public” education. A public education is one that furthers the common good of our society. A public education is focused on the outcome for each student, not on who runs the administration of the school. We believe parental choice plays an ever-increasing role in fulfilling that promise to children across the nation and making our nation stronger and wiser. When today’s generation of K-12 students have access to a quality education, we all benefit!

Our desire at Children’s Tuition Fund is that each child has the opportunity to attend a school that is appropriate for their needs whether privately funded or government funded. Currently many in America do not have that opportunity. We would like to partner with you to help provide parental choice to parents and their children. The wealthy have always had parental choice as an option; we would like to help provide that same option to less resourced families. We are called to do right by the children who will be the next generation of leaders in their families, places of worship, government, commerce and society at large.

Children’s Tuition Fund partners with parents, schools and contributors in six states (Alabama, Illinois, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia) and provided scholarships to 1,600 students last year. Help us fulfill the dreams of many parents who have heartfelt hopes of an improved future for their children. Together, we can provide what every student deserves-the fundamental right of a quality education.

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