Recently it came to our attention that a state report had added nondiscrimination language that could significantly impact a school’s policies and operation. We recognized that signing any reports with the adverse language in it would be tantamount to completely altering schools from who they are and all that they represent. Therefore, we quickly mobilized and sent letters to the governor of the state and the department that had released the new form of the report. These letters simply and carefully explained our position, asking for the language to be removed (it was not added by statute or legislation) so that our schools and contributors would not suffer any negative consequences. Our campaign worked! It was a short time before we had new reports without the offending paragraph and we were again set to have schools and businesses sign the reports as part of their participation in the program.

We aim to not only help students get scholarships, but our long-term vision is to help schools thrive. We know it’s not just a matter of finances. We know school leaders battle the culture every day. But we are alongside these folks, bringing substantial resources to bear, warding off the negative actions, and improving upon the positive actions like these scholarship programs. We are here to be vigilant, to listen for how the winds are blowing, whether they are blowing in your state or another. We pay careful attention to these things so that school leaders may focus on the day-to-day education of the students in their charge. We want school leaders to feel protected, cared for, and supported. It is why we do what we do.

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