Why is my state return taking longer than normal?

  1. Due to the additional step of verifying the credits on your return you may find your tax-return takes longer for the state to process than before. The PA DOR has stated that taxpayers who are claiming credits on their return, should expect their refunds in the fall. Here are a few steps that you can take for the most up to date status of your refund:

    You can check the status of your refund online at https://mypath.pa.gov/_/.  Scroll down to the section “Refunds” and click on “Where is My Refund?”

  2. If you haven’t received your 2022 refund, please email (ctf_spe@acsi.org) with your MyPath id number from your search on the site listed above and we will contact the DOR on your behalf.

We will not be checking for 2023 returns until October

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