I trust the semester is continuing to go well. Please know that we are praying for your school and students. Let us know how we can pray for you.

ACEF’s website has a new look. Same address (childrenstuitionfund.org) with a new look. In addition to being a resource for schools, there are lots of helpful links for parents and contributors, so please feel free to use our website as a broad resource in your tax-credit strategy, and as always, reach out to us with any questions you have or with ways we can help you.


It appears as though the effort to repeal the tax-credit program in VA will sit on the shelf for another year. Barring any unforeseen action on the part of the bill sponsors, it looks like their efforts will be elsewhere during this shortened legislative session. We continue to praise the Lord for his sustenance of the program in VA and we want to make sure we are doing everything we can, along with our schools, to make the tax-credit program so successful that the effort to repeal the program loses political steam.


The student scholarship application for Illinois opened up on Friday Jan. 9th.  The application is available at our website.


We anticipate opening at least one SPE, and possibly a second, this spring. As you know, the state does not check in with us before they act. We want to be ready to bring in money for students so if you have tax-credit participants you know will be ready to go when we received state notification, please make sure those folks are on our “ready to go” list with their name and dollar amount (a relatively close approximation is fine).


There is growing likelihood that the state of Kentucky will pass a school-choice bill into law. It is a very wide-spread and generous program that we see having a significant impact on our schools. But you need to get involved. You should have received a Voter Voice email from our legal legislative team several weeks ago. We need you to contact your legislator for your area and let them know you support HB 149 and SB 25.

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