Gift giving is the time of year when we turn to our thoughts to count our blessings and be thankful for them. Actually, it is supposed to be a daily mindset instead of being a yearly activity

We should be grateful and appreciative of the blessings and opportunities God has given us. If you take time to see the good that you have, it will turn bitterness into gratitude. Even challenges and failures can be enriching, for they bring lessons that make us learn to become better as people.

We are currently living in a consumer-driven world. We live in a society where most of us look at what others have as a measure of our own achievements. But as residents of the United States, we don’t need to have that frame of mind for we all know that we are blessed. We have freedom and unlimited opportunities. We are free to speak, get an education, work hard to achieve our dreams, and practice our religion. In short, we really have so much to thank God and our forefathers for.

With that said, we really ought to turn a once a year thanksgiving into a daily habit. We only need to realize how blessed we are to practice it. Our family, a rewarding job or business, the material things that make us comfortable, and our experiences, hopes and dreams are just a few of the factors that keep us blessed.

See the Good in What You Have and Be Transformed

By simply realizing how blessed you are, your outlook in life will change and you will be happier. Being grateful for what you have increases your satisfaction and sense of contentment. It will result in better relationships because it makes you less of a complainer. But the best that can happen is when you turn your gratefulness and appreciation to generosity.

Even if each one of us has so much to be thankful for, there are still people who are less fortunate than we are. They may not be less blessed, but they just lack resources to get what they want in life, like a good education. This is what the children of low income families in Alabama, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia need.

They need fortunate people like you to share your blessings. You can do it by giving them a Thanksgiving gift in the form of financial assistance for private school scholarships.

Giving back is a great expression of gratefulness, but giving with a sense of purpose brings a feeling of fulfillment. That’s what happens when you give for the scholarship of less privileged kids. It’s simply because you know you are doing something that can make their lives better.

But there’s more to it than you would expect. When you contribute to the scholarship program of Children’s Tuition Fund, you will receive a state tax-credit. The things you should be thankful for just keep coming. That’s what you should get for having a grateful and generous heart.


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