The Opportunity Scholarship Tax-Credit program (OSTC) in Pennsylvania is a program that provides access to eligible students from low-achieving schools to attend another public or private school outside of their district. The scholarships are funded by business contributions that are donated to private school scholarships in PA. In return, these businesses can get tax-credits which they can use to reduce the amount of their tax bills to the state.

How do you define a low-achieving school?

A low-achieving school is defined as a public elementary or secondary school that has ranked at the bottom 15 percent based on combined math and reading Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) scores and as determined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

How does the OSTC Program benefit students?

The Opportunity Scholarship Tax-Credit program helps fund many school grants PA for underprivileged students. Students who are eligible to receive this opportunity scholarship will be given the funds to use for their education. Non-special education students can receive a maximum scholarship award of $8,500. On the other hand, special education students can receive a maximum scholarship award of $15,000.

With this, students are provided sufficient learning resources and enhanced academic opportunities. Students can now engage in extracurricular activities, academics, or sports where they can fully explore their interests, talents, and skills. On top of that, students can fully participate in courses and classes under a high standard which can greatly improve the quality of their educational experience.

How does it benefit businesses?

Eligible businesses in Pennsylvania are awarded tax-credits that are equal to 75 percent of the amount they have contributed to private school scholarships in PA. This can be increased to 90 percent if the business commits to making contributions for two years provided that the total amount may not exceed $750,000 as stated by the taxable year.

Programs such as this are also one way for many businesses to stay and operate in Pennsylvania while helping school grants PA get the funding, they need to help students in the community.

Why does going to a high-performing school matter?

Many students lack the resources to fully explore their potential when they are in low-achieving schools. Students in high-performing schools are more likely to graduate on time, become engaged citizens, and get a decent job in the future. This is because high-performing schools have resources and strong partnerships with the community, which help them prepare students for life after graduation. Today, the most important factor in determining a studentOpportunity Scholarship Tax-Credit Program’s success is school quality. A high-performing school means that students can meet high standards of education and attain the necessary skills to excel academically and get jobs with higher salaries.


The Opportunity Scholarship Tax-Credit program is an excellent example of the power of educational choice and innovation in education. Students get the opportunity to attend schools that they may not have otherwise been able to afford, while businesses benefit from increased economic output. Above all, it offers a big opportunity to families to look out for their child’s best future.

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