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Children's Tuition Fund of Virginia Information for Parents

The Children’s Tuition Fund of Virginia, established in 2013, provides K-12 scholarships for economically disadvantaged children as well as for special-needs children to attend eligible private schools in Virginia. This program runs through the schools (schools encourage contributors to give through these programs, accepts students and sees which of them are eligible) so we encourage you to review the qualifications to participate and contact schools your child might like to attend and see if they participate. 

Is your student eligible?

Families must be within 300% of the poverty guidelines to qualify, 400% of the poverty guidelines for special needs students. Please check these income guidelines:

2018 Income Guidelines

How to Apply

Students in Virginia who qualify should ask their school about becoming a Children’s Tuition Fund scholar.

If you have any questions, email the Program Administrator or call 719.867.0247.

Keep up-to-date with new state offerings, changes to programs, deadlines and more.

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