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Children's Tuition Fund of Pennsylvania:
How Can Your Business Participate?

The Children's Tuition Fund of Pennsylvania (CTF of PA), established in 2001, is coordinated by ACSI Children's Education Fund, a ministry of ACSI. CTF of PA is a scholarship program that provides tuition assistance for Pennsylvania families with low- to moderate-incomes to attend private Pennsylvania schools. If you or your business would like to participate in the program, email the Program Administrator or call 717.285.3022.

Where do the scholarship dollars come from?

The CTF of PA Scholarship fund is mainly comprised of tax credit contributions from PA-based businesses that are approved to contribute through the EITC and or OSTC programs. (EITC legislation of 2001).

Do families apply with CTF for scholarships?

No, schools receive the money and award it to participating families that have applied at participating schools.

What is the EITC legislation?

The Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) legislation of 2001 established tax credits for eligible Pennsylvania-based corporations and businesses that make contributions to scholarship organizations or educational improvement organizations. These tax credits are awarded to corporations or businesses that pay any of the following taxes:

  • Capital stock and franchise tax,
  • Corporate net income tax,
  • Bank and trust company shares tax,
  • Title insurance companies shares tax,
  • Title insurance premium tax,
  • Mutual thrift institution tax,
  • Malt beverage tax, and
  • Personal income tax of S-corporation shareholders, or partners in a general or limited partnership (pass through entities).

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Introduction of CTF for Businesses

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Program Totals

ProgramMaximum Credit for Businesses to Contribute% Tax CreditTotal Program Funding
EITC$750,00075% - 1 yr.
90% - 2 yr.
OSTC$750,00075% - 1 yr.
90% - 2 yr.
PKSO$200,000100% 1st $10k
90% on bal.

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