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The government mandates that every child should be educated, but it remains the parents’ right to choose the best options for their children. Practically, though, this has been true only for the well-to-do who can move to a neighborhood with a great school or pay private school tuition. Now, however, the people’s representatives have created a clear path for change!

Children’s Tuition Fund of Alabama (CTF AL) is a newly-approved Scholarship Granting Organization under the Alabama Accountability Act—school choice legislation that funds scholarships for qualifying low income students to attend the nonpublic school of their choice. In 2016, the Alabama Accountability Act allotted $30 million for state tax credits available to companies and individuals who donate to the tax credit scholarship program. Individuals, C corporations, S corporations, partnerships, and LLCs can donate. Your gift will change a child’s life!

How do you receive dollar-for-dollar state tax credits for up to 50% of your income tax liability? It’s easy! For example, if you owe $10,000 in Alabama state income tax and you donate $5,000 to CTF AL, you will reduce your final tax payment by $5,000. See the Donor Manual for details on making donations and claiming your tax credit.erning).

Do you pay income tax in Alabama?
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Become a CTF AL donor and reduce your tax liability by up to 50%.  Contributors to our scholarship program receive dollar-for-dollar state tax credit. Give the gift of educational opportunity!

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Is your student eligible?

In order to qualify for a CTF AL scholarship for the 2017–18 school year, families must meet the Scholarship Income Guidelines—gross yearly income at or below 185% of poverty level

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I’m going to start with my presupposition: If a school participates in parental choice, it has a duty to actively engage in politics. I do not mean dipping a toe in the proverbial pond of politics, but actively engaging in local and state politics and calling its school community to involvement as well. Paying Attention […]



We believe access to quality education is the most pressing civil rights cause of our time. Our society fails when a child is denied a quality education. Statistics show that, unfortunately, many do not overcome that societal failure and the ramifications often linger for generations. Deserving, motivated, capable students are hopelessly stuck in an educational […]


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