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With the advent of the parental choice programs, schools like yours are targeting and serving students that, on paper, are considered academically disenfranchised, culturally different, and/or economically disadvantaged. We call them A.C.E. students for short. The challenge often is how to effectively assimilate a child who underperforms academically into your school with its rigorous academic program. Or, how to adapt to children from different social, racial, cultural, and/or linguistic backgrounds. And/or, how to accommodate children from low resource families. They’re like young David in 1 Samuel 16—the last, the less than, the often overlooked. But just as God chose the least likely to reign as royalty, you look beyond labels to the possibility that lies within every child He has placed upon your heart and entrusted to your care.

ACSI provides services to assist you in your endeavor to release the God-given potential in each of your students. These services include tailored assessments, consulting, and training that position you and your staff to strengthen every child’s gifts, abilities, and spirit because in God’s kingdom every child matters.

View a listing of Seminar Topics by A.C.E. Student Success Center Director Vernard T. Gant.

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